RUHR.2010 GmbH "Essen for the Ruhr"
Managing directors: Dr. h.c. Fritz Pleitgen, Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheytt
Registered at: Amtsgericht Essen, HRB 19719
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat
Company headquarters: Essen
Brunnenstraße 8, Postfach 10 30 11, D-45128 Essen
Phone: +49 (0)201-888 2010

RUHR.2010 GmbH/Online Services
gelee royale medien GmbH, Hamburg

Online editorial staff:
Helen Weißenbach (head of online services), Clemens Baier, Dr. Nikolaj Beier, Marc Oliver Hänig, Isabel Ufer, Christoph Sigl
Claudia Wagner (head of online services until September 2010)
gelee royale medien GmbH, Hamburg

Technical implementation:
GECKO Gesellschaft für Computer- und Kommunikationssysteme mbH, Rostock

Hosting, Typo3-installation:
Citkomm Services GmbH, Iserlohn

Picture credits for stage settings:
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Picture credits for stage settings programme:
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RUHR.2010 GmbH is delighted that you are interested in the European Capital of Culture 2010. When you visit the internet pages of RUHR.2010 the data we collect will only be anonymous: like, for example the website from which you visited us, your internet service provider and the pages you called up. These so-called log files will be exclusively stored for statistical purposes with the aim of improving our services and the whole website. The information is anonymous and there will be no personal exploitation of the log file. 
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Personal data will exclusively be used by RUHR.2010 GmbH to answer your questions and requests. Any further use, e.g. for commercial purposes is debarred without your express content.

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Unless otherwise stated explicitly all the trademarks used on the RUHR.2010 GmbH website are fully protected in law. This is particularly the case for company and association logos.
The umbrella logo and the written design "RUHR.2010 Kulturhauptstadt Europas" / "RUHR.2010 European Capital of Culture" are protected trademarks throughout the whole of Europe. This is confirmed by the entries in the certificates of the Office For Harmonization in the Internal Market held by RUHR.2010 under the numbers 005656831, 005656848, 005656855, 005656871, 005830815 und 006348544. The protection not only covers the umbrella logo with its flag-like pattern but also the written design of the community logo RUHR.2010.
Anyone infringing these protections must reckon with demands by the legal owner for injunctive relief and damages. If these protections are deliberately breached, the person responsible must also reckon with criminal proceedings.

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