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Starting on the 1st April 2009, the official kickoff date for the volunteer programme of RUHR.2010, anyone interested in participating actively in the Capital of Culture programme on an honorary basis, will have the chance to contribute to our success.

Visitors like to be greeted with a smile and helped on their way with some friendly advice. By doing this you will ensure that they will return home with fond memories of our hospitality and openness. There are going to be a lot of questions in 2010: “What ticket do I need to get from Bochum to Wesel? How do I get to the Gasometer in Oberhausen? Are there toilets for the handicapped at Zollverein? Can you get a guided tour of the Dortmund U? Where do I find a hotel in Gelsenkirchen…?“

In this respect RUHR.2010 does not simply wish to confine its efforts to providing a technical information system for our guests – and these include German and international guests from near and far – but rather to provide them with personal help and information in the form of voluntary helpers with a professional attitude. Guests will easily be able to recognize our volunteers in our towns and cities and at our special events, because of their uniform appearance.

There are a huge variety of areas in which our volunteers can work. At airports, railway stations and visitor centres, for example, you will be able to greet our visitors and give them all the information they might require. As far as events are concerned you will be asked to support us in our organisation, in technical matters or in communication. When you apply on the database to become a volunteer, you will be given the chance of indicating the areas in which you would prefer to work.

Your interests, your knowledge, your talents and, of course, your time schedule will be the determining factors in deciding the exact area in which you will be employed. After the selection interview volunteers will receive all the key information on the Capital of Culture and its programme at a group training session.

Preparatory meetings help volunteers to get to know each other better, whet their appetites for the coming events and encourage them to look forward to welcoming the thousands of tourists.

The most rewarding experience for our volunteers will surely be the fact that they have been a part of a major event that will not be repeated in the next 10 years. For only after then can a city from Germany expect to have the chance of being awarded the title of European Capital of Culture again.

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